PUBLIE LE 27/07/2016


The work of Nathan Carter start with stories of wanderings through cities. His work is the one of a collector who gathers lists of various objects and the moments of experiences that cross his path.




Presented under the shape of sculpture, installation, painting or collage, his colored work and dynamic compositions remind us of the work of Calder or Miró.




Here is a small selection of his work. Find out more about the artist on the website of his galery.

*     1) Pocket Shrapnel Van Siclen avenue to the Lower east Side on the J M Z - Nathan Carter (2010)

       2) Radar reflector found 1983 origin levera development grenada - Nathan Carter (2010)

       3) The omni directional south polar interference reflector - Nathan Carter (2010)

       4) Brooklyn Street Treasures From New Utrecht Avenue On Up To Castle Hill Take The Elevated D  - Nathan Carter (2010)

       5) Williamsburg Brooklyn public housing project concealed swindon call and response - Nathan Carter (2010)